Events 2018

[Meta Title: Community and Society Events to Attend This 2018]

[Meta Description: This page presents several events that people can attend this 2018. These events mainly focus on ways to interact, socialize, and help out with different communities and societies.]

Within our societies, there are many different groups of people that reside in it. These people could either be grouped together due to a specific interest, a disability, or sometimes they come together for a cause.

Most times, a big group rallied together for a specific cause hold events that you can join. Now I am sure you are asking why you would join in the first place.

There are a good number of reasons. First, it would be good to just join a specific society, participate, and even help out in whatever cause they have. The team at Hans-Ulrich Klose believes that if each group is effective and happy, that will translate to happy people and better societies.

Apart from that, it is also good to just attend these events and be inspired by these societies. If not by the practices they are applying to make their society successful, then by the causes that they stand by. Who knows? You may apply these things you are learning to your own society.

Without further ado, let’s check out several community and society events to attend this 2018.

Abilities Expo

The Abilities Expo focuses on people with disabilities. It is an event that presents opportunities for disabled people to live a better life.

Through this expo, several products and services are brought together within one event. The most up-to-date technology for disable people will be on display. These pieces of technology have the capability of changing how disabled people function and interact with the world. This expo aims to provide technology for most if not all disabilities.

Apart from that, professional from relevant industries will be present. You can attend a series of workshops here.

It is free and quite informative on a number of issues for the disabled community such as how to manage your money when in the situation, how to fix your home for a person with a disability, and even the latest trends in medical marijuana in the community. These are only a few topics.

Finally, there are a lot of events for disabled people to attend. These include wheelchair dancing, adaptive golf, wheelchair fencing, and so much more. This event is taking place on September 21 to 23 at Boston, and October 26 to 28 at San Mateo.

Tackling Housing Challenges

This specific event focuses more on the community and the challenge of housing. The Community Planning team has set this event on community planning and wellbeing.

The main focus of the event is to let people see how cooperation with one another can result to the reduction of housing problems.

At this one-day event, you’ll hear from representative from the local government and housing agencies. They’ll be relaying their experiences on the subject. Apart form that, examples of this initiative in action will also be presented.

This event is taking place at Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn on September 19.