About Hans-Ulrich Klose

[Meta Description: This page explains what the Hans-Ulrich Klose team and website are all about, namely: society. It goes on to explain how we write articles on the many facets of society and its parts.]

Good day. Welcome to Hans-Ulrich Klose.

Society. It is a magical thing, don’t you think? You don’t think so? Well listen to this. Without a society, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As they say, no man is an island. It is possible to drift by life away from everyone. Maybe on your own one-person island society.

That sounds lonely though. The reality is that people depend on one another for so many things. The fact that people are so different means that they have to rely on one another. As comedian Dave Chappelle said, we should support those stronger than us and forgive those who are weaker.

People eventually banded together and made a society so that their lives were made easier. Within this society, within the confines of a safe and free environment, humanity thrived. From there, services were offered to one another. Technologies were developed. Ways of living were established.

And wouldn’t you know, it is still going on today.

My name is Mathias Schroder, and with the help of the Hans-Ulrich Klose team, we shine a light on all the important facets of society and share it with the world through our articles.

It is our goal to first show people how important societies are in their lives. People often take what and where they are for granted. It is in essence, the cornerstone of our existence.

We also write about the different facets just to reveal what kind of great and amazing things are going. However, we also hope that some articles we write urge people to join in some programs such as petitions and GoFund Me campaigns.

In essence, we write to make people aware of society once again and hope that people learn something from our articles and apply it to their own societies. Through this, we hope that all societies continue to flourish, and with it, the people.